“Defiance of the Mob”

A good quote from a woman who seems to be an outstanding public servant, and a courageous, caring, and decent human being:

The safety of the world depends on your saying ‘no’ to inhumane ideas. Standing up for one’s own integrity makes you no friends. It is costly. Yet defiance of the mob, in the service of that which is right, is one of the highest expressions of courage I know.

For terrorists, a good day for them, I suppose, spreading shock and horror across a nation.

On the other hand, we have Psalm 11:

In the Lord I take refuge;
how can you say to me,
“Flee like a bird to the mountains!
See how the wicked string their bows,
fit their arrows to the string
to shoot from the shadows at the upright.
When foundations are being destroyed,
what can the upright do?”

The Lord is in his holy temple;
the Lord’s throne is in heaven.
God’s eyes keep careful watch; they test all peoples.
The Lord tests the good and the bad,
hates those who love violence,
And rains upon the wicked fiery coals and brimstone,
a scorching wind their allotted cup.
The Lord is just and loves just deeds;
the upright shall see his face.

A scorching wind their allotted cup: that sums it up, I think.

About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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