OCF 385-395: Evening Prayer

The first rubric listed for Evening Prayer (OCF 385) reminds us that as with morning prayer, if this hour includes the rite of reception of the body at church, then the rite of reception (OCF 82-86) replaces the introductory verse (386) and hymn (387).

You might be interested to know that the given hymn in the rite is “For All The Saints.” A good choice.

The psalmody is given in OCF 388. I neglected to mention yesterday that the assembly has the option, “according to custom,” to sit or stand during the psalms and canticle. As with morning prayer, the psalms may be rendered in many different ways: responsorially as is most often seen at Sunday Mass, antiphonally, as is usual in monasteries, or even through-sung, like a hymn.

The selections given in the rite are Psalms 121 and 130, followed by Saint Paul’s Kenosis Canticle, Philippians 2:6-11. I think a good case could also be made for the baptismal canticle, Ephesians 1:3-10, or the wedding feast of heaven in Revelation 19.

The reading (389) is brief and may be followed by silence and/or a brief homily. The liturgy continues with the responsory (390), and the Magnificat (391). Intercessions (392), the Lord’s Prayer (393), a concluding prayer (394), followed by an optional sharing, and then the dismissal (395) conclude this liturgy.

Vespers is woefully underused as a parish celebration of the funeral rites. It would be my own preference when I die.


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