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The Eleventh Worker

I see a number of parishioners out of work. It’s dispiriting and disheartening. And it really p***es me off that various talking heads in the media and their dittoheads in the blogosphere don’t address this more often. Like every day. … Continue reading

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I wanted to mention I just finished a deeply thoughtful and thought-provoking novel, Strangers at the Feast. I’ve been feeling very dissatisfied with science fiction lately. I pick up books at the library that seem good or that have been … Continue reading

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NPM on Chant and Her Children

The latest issue of Pastoral Music hit my mailbox today. It looks like I have an interesting read ahead of me. Fr Anthony Ruff, PrayTell moderator, gives a basic primer on reading and singing chant notation. Without looking at the … Continue reading

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Personal Relationship and/or Institutional Religion

When the questions from the input box come to me, sometimes it’s hard to discern the particulars of the person’s query. This question was fielded: Isn’t a relationship with Jesus more important than religion? … and I wasn’t sure how … Continue reading

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Day 2 – The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, 2011

(This is Neil.) “[O]ur hope is alive that, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, many diligent and competent persons who work in the ecumenical realm, will be able to make their contribution to the achievement of this great ecumenical … Continue reading

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OCF 402-404: Final Commendation and Farewell

These three sections give options to OCF 170-175. For the invitation to prayer (originally OCF 171, 2 options) there are five options on OCF 402, and these may be rendered “in similar words.” If a presider chooses similarity, so to … Continue reading

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