NPM on Chant and Her Children

The latest issue of Pastoral Music hit my mailbox today. It looks like I have an interesting read ahead of me. Fr Anthony Ruff, PrayTell moderator, gives a basic primer on reading and singing chant notation. Without looking at the issue, any guesses on who penned the article “Polyphony in Today’s Liturgy: A Beginner’s Guide”?

NPM prez J. Michael  McMahon offers some food for thought:

As you reflect on your own ministry and musical leadership, consider whether and how we can help to make chant part of the living tradition of Catholics in the United States.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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1 Response to NPM on Chant and Her Children

  1. Well, we’ll hit a milestone out here on Friday, Todd, with the school Mass on the Feast of St. Agnes. We’re going to sing the ICEL chant setting from MR3 with the students. I’ll let you know how it was sung/prayed.

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