Fatherhood Shifts, Drifts, Then a Shaft of Light

I have to confess my recent reading left me feeling dispirited. Isn’t there anything a father can do to stem the inevitable tide of loss, separation, adolescence, and such as his child grows up? The perfect antidote: this blog piece on Katie the Prefect.

I overslept this morning. Thursdays are strange days: they end with our weekly late night Mass that usually finishes up around 10:20 or so. I have one rehearsal, two meetings, three appointments, and a messy office I need to shuffle in the time leading up to that. So I wasn’t at my peak by 6:30AM. The young miss, in fact, woke me up at 7:25–enough time for me to scramble to get my shoes, yesterday’s pants, and my car keys. (She has a better sense of preparation timing than I.)

One of my favorite magic moments was when we visited Niagara Falls in 2006. I was thinking about that after I read the essay on Harry Potter World. We purchased the packet that gets you into the aquarium, the museum, the guided hike to the base of the falls, the observation point, and–what I had never done though I lived within a hundred miles for almost thirty years–the Maid of the Mist boat ride.

My poor wife was getting drenched, and her glasses were spotted to the point where she couldn’t have seen much. My daughter and I had several minutes of sheer joy: laughing at the mist on my glasses, laughing at the mist on other people, water splashing on our feet, watching rainbows kick up opposite the sun.

Go read Joe Posnanski’s piece on fatherhood. It might make your day. It sure made mine.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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