Thomas Tobin’s Cracked Prism

They’re still talking about that prize?

Is there any longer any doubt that Barack Obama is the most pro-abortion president we’ve ever had?

Well, sure there’s doubt.

I place President Obama at least number two among world leaders present in the country this past week. His nation has a fraction of the population of another nation that actually forces its citizens to have abortions. In the US at least, the worst it gets are “persuasive” husbands, boyfriends, and parents.

I know it tarnishes the pom poms, but I place two, and maybe three presidents above Mr Obama on the pro-life spit list, and that doesn’t even take into account the forced killings of ill-conceived foreign wars. Or the resulting de-Christianization of a whole nation or region. In the US, a fetus has a fighting chance–it still is a choice. If only the pro-life movement were more genuinely persuasive. But I guess it’s more fun to take a long stroll in the nation’s capital, chant slogans, and hope for scraps from the Republicans in the Beltway.

Richard Nixon’s GOP-heavy SCOTUS produced the decision that opened the national floodgates to legal abortion on demand. I know: it’s unpopular to rag on a rehabilitated dead man who’s been misunderstood for his eugenic-leaning remarks.  But there you have it. 37th president, barn door, 53 million: you put it together. He’s my number one.

In a neck-and-neck race between the last two Dem presidents, you can’t deny that the former was a little quicker with the pen. I’m not a big fan of the Mexico City gag rule, but it’s been a predictable piece of tennis-style politics since Mr Reagan’s presidency. It doesn’t mean, however, that taxpayers actually fund overseas abortions. We fund initiatives that might have people tell a pregnant woman, “You know, you can get an abortion in this country.” If you buy stuff with the made- in-China tag, you may well have been co-opted a bit more deeply into the conspiracy of the holocaust of the unborn.

And Ronald Reagan may actually have been the last president with a hope of shifting the SCOTUS. And among recent presidents, he had the highest abortion rate during his years of national service.

Bishop Thomas Tobin fails recent American history (emphasis mine):

President Obama has promulgated policies, including the overturn of the Mexico City Policy (within the first few hours of his presidency) that requires taxpayer monies to provide abortions around the world.

I think the Rhode Island bishop may have confused our current president with Mr Clinton, who actually did lift the gag rule within fifty hours. The latest Mr Bush also delayed two days to throw a bone at pro-lifers. It’s a matter of public record that Mr Obama waited until the day after the March for Life. But at the GOP Kool-Aid bar, days can seem like hours when you have only minutes to raise donations in a cash-strapped economy.

Bishop Tobin needs to get his head straight on facts if he wants to be an effective voice in American politics. He does the pro-life effort little good if he’s so easily skewered on details. I’m not aware of any widespread discontent within the bounds of the political pro-life movement. It would seem a more promising tack would be to speak in persuasion to those who waver on what they think about abortion policy. It’s easy enough to preach to the choir, especially when you can bend your notes to net a much of Facebook likes.

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Thomas Tobin’s Cracked Prism

  1. Harry says:

    “In a neck-and-neck race between the last two Dem presidents, you can’t deny that the former was a little quicker with the pen”

    I think that when you look at what happened to the abortion rate during the Clinton administration, you could argue that he was the most pro-life president we’ve had. Of course, nobody who is already convinced that no Democrat can possibly be pro-life will listen.

    Clinton went into office with the promise to make abortion “safe, legal and rare.” And I don’t think any single piece of legislation, accomplished at the initiative of the White House, has had a more positive effect on lowing the abortion rate than the Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP) had.

    I also think that the Obama health care plan will also have the same effect of removing, in great part, one of the obstacles to birth that sends women to abortion clinics.

  2. Bill Kurtz says:

    Thank you for alerting more people to this churlish embarrassment of a bishop. His carping comments went beyond anything Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin dared- and he’d probably consider that comment a compliment.

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