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First Person Singular

I saw a criticism of a 1991 Tom Booth song at the Chant Cafe: For Holy Communion, they sang “I Will Choose Christ”, which puts the focus on what I am doing as opposed to what God is doing. It’s … Continue reading

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(This is Neil) I always feel cautious about generalizing about something like the “Catholic blogosphere,” but I think that I can say a few things. When I began contributing to Todd’s blog, most Catholic bloggers were amateurs or popular writers, … Continue reading

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OCF 412: What of a Body Baptized?

The human body is not important because of its own actions, ultimately. It is honored because God works divine grace through it. The Christian tradition speaks of the body as a temple of the Holy Spirit. That notion should be … Continue reading

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Honest, Open, Responsible, Respectful

PrayTell alerted me to today’s AP piece on Catholics in the new media. The chief of the Vatican’s social communications office was asked about conservatives. Conservative bloggers, secular and religious, concede they dominate the hit counts on the internet. It would seem … Continue reading

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Day 7 – The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, 2011

(This is Neil) “We have martyrs in all the Churches….here in Rome we have St Bartholomew’s for all the modern martyrs. I think that what John Paul II said, that between the martyrs we have perfect unity and when we … Continue reading

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