Honest, Open, Responsible, Respectful

PrayTell alerted me to today’s AP piece on Catholics in the new media. The chief of the Vatican’s social communications office was asked about conservatives. Conservative bloggers, secular and religious, concede they dominate the hit counts on the internet. It would seem logical they bear more of the burden of criticism. Archbishop Celli’s comment about conservative Catholic bloggers will likely get a rise out of some:

(T)he head of the Vatican’s social communications office, Archbishop Claudio Celli, said it was certainly correct to direct the pope’s exhortation to some conservative Catholic blogs, YouTube channels and sites which, with some vehemence, criticize bishops, public officials and policies they consider not Catholic enough.

“The risk is there, there’s no doubt,” Celli said in response to a question. He confirmed that the Pontifical Council for Social Communications was working on a set of guidelines with recommendations for appropriate style and behavior for Catholics online.

“I don’t love such things, but I think we can define some points of reference for behavior,” he said, adding that he hoped such a document would come out as soon as possible.

A set of guidelines on style and behavior: this will be very interesting to see when it gets promulgated. 

From Pope Benedict’s message on the World Day of Social Communications:

There exists a Christian way of communication which is honest and open, responsible and respectful of others. To proclaim the Gospel through the new media means not only to insert expressly religious content into different media platforms, but also to witness consistently, in one’s own digital profile and in the way one communicates choices, preference and judgments that are fully consistent with the Gospel.

It is only right to hold myself and this blog to adhere to the principles of honesty, openness, responsibility, and respectfulness. I do realize my comments can be tart and seem insulting. I’ve always had good people here to challenge me and urge a higher standard. When this document comes out, I’ll post on it in every detail and ask your assistance on implementing it. Fair enough?

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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