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“How High The Moon”

Blogging from me will probably continue to be light for the next few days. I really appreciate Neil’s return. I hope you will review his “Questions” posts and respond. I also hope we will see more of those. OCF will … Continue reading

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Who’s Angry?

I hear that many conservatives are concerned about the rap they get for being angry. I can appreciate the mischaracterization. The coming trend seems to be, if it can be believed, that now all the progressives are defensive, embittered, and–gasp!–angry. … Continue reading

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OCF 426: Funeral Liturgy and the Indult

We’ve covered two choices for a deceased Catholic. One option: cremation after the funeral. Second option: one can also¬†cremate, have the ashes buried or entombed, then have a funeral liturgy without body or urn. OCF 426-431 covers the CDWDS indult … Continue reading

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