“How High The Moon”

Blogging from me will probably continue to be light for the next few days. I really appreciate Neil’s return. I hope you will review his “Questions” posts and respond. I also hope we will see more of those. OCF will wrap in a few days–only three more posts to finish up cremation. I’ll start right in with the 1981 document, the General Introduction to the Lectionary for Mass. After that, who knows? So many choices.

We had a heavy weekend at the parish. Our patronal feast fell on Friday this year, so for the first time, we decided to move it to the nearest weekend and observe it as a full solemnity. We also have a community meal. Plus it was the weekend for the Spring Break Service Trip Auction Dinner. My impromptu jazz group, the Parisian Thoroughfares, played a 75-minute set at the latter, and for about a half-hour at the former. We added a drummer and a trumpet player for this incarnation. We had a singer perform on about a third of the tunes. It wasn’t my doing we did three moon songs, “How High The Moon,” “It’s Only A Paper Moon,” and “Fly Me To The Moon.” They don’t really have jazz tunes about planets. We’d have to go to “Stardust” and titles like that to get to the greater universe. Anyway, it was great fun to play with good young musicians.

The snow is hitting Iowa–a light fluffy fall from what I can see. Somebody told me it could be ten inches. Someone else said the storm could shift and dump a foot and a half. Well.

We had to get Gambit to the vet earlier today. My wife awoke with a migraine this morning. The young miss stayed home with a sore throat, so when the pets were underfoot this morning hoping I would feed them, the little guy got caught between my legs as I was trying to avoid a jumpy, happy dog. I felt one of his hind legs twist as he darted under me. He was limber enough to jump to the back of the recliner while I was in the shower and then get down to the dog bed while I was dressing. But he’s still stretching out his leg when he rests or sleeps.

Radiology found nothing broken or dislocated, so it seems he just strained soft tissue. “Keep him from jumping,” said the vet. “For a week or so.” Good luck with that. He was already chasing his cat-sister later today and taking a few swats at his elder brother. This was one vet bill I didn’t mind paying–the peace of mind was worth it.

Meanwhile, have a look and listen at this version of “How High The Moon.”

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Todd lives in Minnesota, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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  1. Commander Craig says:

    Perhaps you can meet the universe halfway and do some Sun Ra covers.

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