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General Introduction to the Lectionary for Mass

… or GILM for short. You can find the whole document online in a few places, including here. The outline is as follows: Preamble Chapter I: General Principles for the Liturgical Celebration 1. Certain Preliminaries a) The Importance of the … Continue reading

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OCF 432-438: Additional Texts

You might think that there were a lot of additional texts for these sections. But they cover about a page and a half. First an instruction for the Funeral Liturgy: 432. When the Funeral Liturgy is celebrated in the presence … Continue reading

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Tracking the Storm

The movement of clouds is so beautiful from above. What’s underneath them, much less so, from the view on the ground.

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1235: the number of new candidate planets uncovered by the Kepler Observatory which has a bead on over a hundred thousand stars between the constellations Lyra and Cygnus. A nice summary on the Universe Today blog, with two cautions: The … Continue reading

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Praying For Snow?

A friend sent me this image from somewhere in the US. We were a good bit north of the worst of the blizzard of ’11. (Catch Monday’s view from several hundred miles up.) Still, nine inches of fluffy stuff and bitter wind … Continue reading

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