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A Salesian Approach to Spiritual Dryness

In the months following a very rich retreat, I find myself in a very dry period. Where daily entries in my journal were long and full of insights, prayers, and musings, now two or three times a week I list … Continue reading

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RCIA Bad and Sad

A tale from the front: A few years ago a colleague of mine had this incident in her parish. She had a baptized Christian in her RCIA group. He was divorced from his wife but had not remarried. The pastor insisted … Continue reading

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Adventures in Home Wiring

Did I mention that when we got back from Kansas City the other night, we returned to a chilly house. Funny, that I didn’t really notice it till about 11. The time had reset on our thermostat, so I fixed … Continue reading

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GILM 6: Participation

You can’t evade it in post-conciliar liturgy documents: participation is one of the main themes of Catholic liturgical reform. The GILM gives an excellent and balanced elaboration under the heading, “The Word of God in the Liturgical Participation of the Faithful.” Let’s read … Continue reading

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Apollo 20’s Cave?

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured the image of a lava cave in the Marius Hills region on the moon. Some curious questions: is it a cave, or just the lit end of a long lava tube? That would be … Continue reading

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