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25% Off MR3

USCCB Publishing wants to unload MR3’s for 25% off. Get ’em while they’re hot cheap. My priests prefer the chapel edition; they both have good eyesight and find the full size editions a little clumsy. What about you?

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Satellite Imagination: Nicholson’s Quartet

Detecting natural satellites of Jupiter is darned difficult. The planet is bright. The satellites are small and dim. Most of Jupiter’s moons orbit in irregular paths, nudged by the sun. Some even orbit backwards. If you blinked, you might lose … Continue reading

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GILM 32-34: Ambo

Under a Chapter II subheading, “Aids to the Proper Celebration of the Liturgy of the Word,” we have three numbered sections devoted to “the Place for the Proclamation of the Word of God.” 32. There must be a place in … Continue reading

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