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Jews Not To Blame

Good to know. My deceased grandmother and her relatives can breathe easy. I guess now that the schismatics have declared peace talks nearly over, the Holy Father is free to move on another front that will enrage some. In Jesus … Continue reading

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More on the MR3 Front, Global and Local

One of my colleagues is concerned that a regional homeschooling group has scored a speaker on MR3 and has booked him for our parish center later this month. Interesting that we talked about a panel discussion on post-conciliar liturgy. It … Continue reading

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GILM 38: Presider of the Liturgy of the Word

Chapter III of the GILM leads off with six numbered sections on “The Function of the President at the Liturgy of the Word.” Their term, not mine. It’s probably good to know that the term “presider” isn’t just pulled out … Continue reading

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Another Car Off The Rails?

Whenever I see something from the Vatican likened to the klutzy CDWDS takeover of ICEL, my attention perks up. Just as in the CDW-ICEL standoff, it is hard to know how much the Cor Unum-Caritas dispute is about control, and … Continue reading

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