MR3 Fails the Vatican’s Guidelines

Bernadette Gasslein analyzes the emperor’s new Missal. Reasonably, she asks:

Does the right hand know what the left is saying in Vatican offices?

Earlier this week, Vatican Information Services posted a news article about Pope Benedict’s speech to the Pontifical Council for Social Communications (the complete text is only available in Italian). In it, Pope Benedict acknowledged the need to express the Gospel message in modern language, and emphasizes “the importance of helping people in positions of responsibility in the Church to understand, interpret and speak the ‘new language’ of the mass media in their pastoral functions, interacting with the modern world …

A nod to the 1998 MR2:

Such texts would help us respond to one of the challenges from digital culture that Benedict outlines, “to speak and listen to a symbolic language of transcendence.” Unfortunately, the latest—and presumably last—version of this new translation, which came from Rome, is unlikely to do that. Without strong, cogent and resplendent language in the liturgy, we will be deprived of an essential aspect of communication, with God, with each other and with our culture that hungers for the divine.

And we have a typical situation for the 21st century curia. One foot in the 19th, and at best, a pope trying to straddle the gap. And meanwhile, serious efforts like this one will be hobbled. It’s like watching the penthouse suite implode and gut the building from the top down.

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