Tough Things Said

I thought I would see it first at Whispers, but CNS has a small  piece on Cardinal Rigali’s first meeting with Philadelphia clergy after the cover-up scandal broke there last month. Archdiocesan media has a fuller report online. Msgr. Joseph P. Garvin, pastor of St. Christopher Parish:

I give extremely high marks for the Cardinal being as open as he was. There were really tough things said to him.

Nobody, of course, was revealing the particular content of those tough things.

The secular press caught up with the cardinal after Monday’s meeting:

This was our meeting, all the priests, they gathered in the name of Jesus in order to reflect on the situation.

After Tuesday’s meeting, he was escorted out a back door and avoided the media, leaving the wrong way out of the parking lot.

Cardinal Rigali had another difficult meeting over five years ago with his clergy:

Another priest – trained in moral theology – reportedly lectured the cardinal yesterday for defending Krol and Bevilacqua on grounds that they had never intended to hurt children.

“You seem to stress intention. You try to claim there was never a wrong intention,” the priest reportedly told Rigali.

But from a Catholic moral perspective, he said, the “horrific” outcomes of Krol’s and Bevilacqua’s cover-up vastly outweigh their efforts to protect the archdiocese from scandal.

“The people are not interested in intentions,” he told the cardinal.

What must it be like to think that after five years, nothing sinks in with your bishop? The same sort of moral error. There probably wasn’t a wrong intention on the part of the sex addicts either: they were only seeking their own pleasure and power. It’s a narcissistic world, to have power like this: the illusions of right and wrong, and the righteous sense of being untouchable.


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One Response to Tough Things Said

  1. FrMichael says:

    Throwing the Philly monsignor cover-up artist into the slammer was a good first start.

    Put a few miters in there– Rigali can go first, Mahoney second, and Law as soon as he returns to US shores– the more certain we will be that the Dallas charter will be 100% implemented.

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