GILM 61: Lectionary as Pedagogy

61. The celebration of the Liturgy is not in itself simply a form of catechesis, but it does contain an element of teaching. The Lectionary of the Roman Missal brings this out [SC 9, 33; Inter Oecumenici 7; Catechesi tradendae 23] and therefore deserves to be regarded as a pedagogical resource aiding catechesis.

This is so because the Order of Readings for Mass aptly presents from Sacred Scripture the principal deeds and words belonging to the history of salvation. As its many phases and events are recalled in the liturgy of the word, it will become clear to the faithful that the history of salvation is continued here and now in the representation of Christ’s paschal mystery celebrated through the Eucharist.

The nuance here is important. Liturgy is an act of worship. Believers may learn from it, but that is not the primary reason for having a Liturgy of the Word. The Mass is not structured for people to learn in the first half, then to celebrate and receive in the second.

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