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The Mystery of Grace

Forgiveness is the word of the day in today’s Gospel. LTP’s Lent sourcebook has a nice quote from St Leo the Great: What mind can understand its mystery, what tongue can do justice to the gift of grace? Evil reverts … Continue reading

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For the Ninth Orbited Object: Add Mercury

The Messenger team is thrilled: after five years, their probe has achieved Mercury orbit. The spacecraft now settles in for a year of ceramic-shielded study of the solar system’s innermost planet. For the record, the years and first human-made orbiters … Continue reading

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Some Site Organization Coming

Many times I’ve been asked to organize this site for easier reference on some of the more popular series. I think I know a good way to achieve this, but as I work on “CS pages” here, if anyone with … Continue reading

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GILM 62-63: The Concerns of Unity and Diversity

62. The pastoral advantage of having in the Roman Rite a single Order of Readings for the Lectionary is obvious on other grounds. All the faithful, particularly those who for various reasons do not always take part in Mass with … Continue reading

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