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The Armchair Liturgist: Saints’ Names for Easter Vigil 2011

Your parish has just had a bunch of catechumens sent for election, only to return as members of the Elect. The RCIA director, knocks on your door and approaches the Purple Chair with much trepidation and a list. You are … Continue reading

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From Great Lent by Alexander Schmemann: Christian asceticism is a fight, not against but for the body. For this reason, the whole person–soul and body–repents. The body participates¬† in the prayer of the soul just as the soul prays through … Continue reading

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Diagnosis: Extinction

Human religion has evolved over the centuries. Is it heading to extinction in some parts? The BBC reports that using the mathematical model of nonlinear dynamics, a Northwestern University team suggests religion is going the way of the dinosaur and … Continue reading

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GILM 69: Weekdays

Let’s talk about weekday readings … 69. The weekday readings have been arranged in the following way. 1. Each Mass has two readings: the first is from the Old Testament or from an Apostle (that is, either from a Letter … Continue reading

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