Business Spanks Arizona Republicans

There’s a lot to lament in the whole tale of the movement to put a wall up around Arizona. Immigrants, regardless of legal status, have always enhanced our country’s strength. Newcomers provide fresh vigor and ideas.

Shuttered Catholic parishes have learned (or not) the price for declining to evangelize and court members new or returning. And as for criminals, well … I can think of a few citizen bankers who, by their absence, might make the US a better country. We can’t really deport Greenspan, Geithner, and their buddies on Wall Street, can we? Let alone put them in jail. Silly acts always have consequences, either planned or unplanned. The rich and powerful can sometimes pass those consequences on to others. Buck Showalter has the measure of it: you can’t buy smarts, but if you have a lot of money, you can sure hoodwink a lot of people into thinking you’ve got them.

The news that business interests have bit back on Arizona anti-immigrant sentiment isn’t surprising. No law was repealed, so it’s more spin than fact to say that the state’s efforts have softened. It’s a usual business practice: we’re up to our hips in it, so let’s stand pat and hope we don’t tumble into a hole.

So I’m going to enjoy watching how Big Bidness handles the anger stirred up the past few years. The smart guys now say we’re losing money on it. So maybe it will turn out to be a “dumb” idea, and everybody will calm down for the sake of the gravy train.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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