GILM 92: Description of the Order of Readings

Chapter V runs us through GILM 110. With each post for the week ahead, we’ll cover this material:

92. It seems useful to provide here a brief description of the Order of Readings, at least for the principal celebrations and the different seasons of the liturgical year. With these in mind, readings were selected on the basis of the rules already stated. This description is meant to assist pastors of souls to understand the structure of the Order of Readings, so that their use of it will become more perceptive and the Order of Readings a source of good for Christ’s faithful.

It’s good that interested lay people also deepen their understanding of the Lectionary. Advent is addressed in GILM 93-94. The Christmas season in 95-96. Then Lent in 97 and 98. Triduum and the Easter season are covered in 99-102, up through the feast of Pentecost. Ordinary Time finishes up this chapter, sections 103 through 110, including solemnities of the Lord.

These sections will get into some detail and the explanations for the structure of the Lectionary are interesting, at least to a liturgy geek like me. Hopefully for some of you, too.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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