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NH Bishop a Political Football

Wow. The GOP is really positioning itself as anti-bishop. Another New Hampshire Republican lays into the state’s bishop. Former GOP Rep Kevin Smith: As a side note, I would also just say that the perceived lack of prudence and respect … Continue reading

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A Quest for Theology

My friend Jack Smith has some problems with awards in the Catholic sphere. You know, that’s the thing about awards. Somebody wins, and everybody else loses, unless they can wrest a “moral victory” from a loss. Never fear though: the … Continue reading

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GILM 97-98: Lenten Readings

Lent is where we are now, so we get to experience the patterns we worship these days. Sundays first: 97. The Gospel readings are arranged as follows: The first and second Sundays maintain the accounts of the Temptation and Transfiguration … Continue reading

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