Ring Out

Saw this BBC feature that Prince William has opted out of a wedding ring. I wonder what happens to the liturgy if Kate declines, too.

One commentator there shared:

My husband doesn’t wear his. It’s not sinister, he used to be a builder so never wore jewellery or a watch. I was actually surprised that he asked for a ring when we were getting married. It goes on for special occasions only, but he spends the whole time fiddling with it!

I fiddle too, but I wear mine all the time. The last time I wore a watch was 1982. I stopped wearing my high school ring a few years before that. I don’t really like the feel of things on my wrist or hands. It might save a life, though.

The Rite of Marriage (1969) presumes two rings. But it is not required for a Catholic marriage–for either partner.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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