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A Solemnity for Australia’s Saint

October 8th will be observed as a solemnity in Australia. Good for them and good for their saint. How do you suppose October 22nd will eventually be observed? I’m sure in Poland JP2 will get a similar treatment. What about … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Kneeling Communicants

Here’s one that came up recently in my parish. What to do when a non-parishioner family or two who worship at one daily Mass insist on kneeling to receive Communion after the pastor has requested they not do so? If … Continue reading

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GILM 113: A Multi-Volume Lectionary

A few practical notes, from a generation when the CDWDS was more pragmatic in its approach to liturgy: 113. The size of the Lectionary will necessitate editions in more than one volume; no particular division of the volumes is prescribed. … Continue reading

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