A Solemnity for Australia’s Saint

October 8th will be observed as a solemnity in Australia. Good for them and good for their saint.

How do you suppose October 22nd will eventually be observed? I’m sure in Poland JP2 will get a similar treatment. What about other countries? What would you recommend and why?

Just so you know, a solemnity is observed with the Gloria, Creed, and three readings. Also, when it falls on a Sunday in Ordinary Time, it will be observed liturgically rather than employ the prayers and readings of the particular Sunday.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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4 Responses to A Solemnity for Australia’s Saint

  1. The day for our other 20th century Sainted Pope, Pius X, is observed as an obligatory Memorial. Given the relative importance and impact of the two figures on the whole Church, I would expect that John Paul II’s feast day would not receive a lesser rank. Given that Feasts (and Solemnities) are reserved in the General Roman Calendar for the Lord, the Blessed Virgin, and the Apostles (an exception made for the Roman patron St. Lawrence), he would not receive a higher rank.

    In particular calendars, his feast might be elevated (Poland, like you mentioned. Possibly Italy).

    Dsspite his many apostolic journeys, I don’t know that we can really say that he was “from” other areas other than these. Hence, he might get the treatment of St. Patrick (Memorial in the U.S., even if treated as bigger than Solemnities in popular culture).

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