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Singing the Suffering Servant

The Holy Week Lectionary features the four Suffering Servant songs of Isaiah. Today through Wednesday, we are treated to three portraits of God’s loyal servant who will suffer for the commitment to God. Good Friday is reserved for the last,┬álongest, … Continue reading

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Catholics, Diplomats, and Anti-Celebrity

Malta, while a lovely sun-kissed island nation, is surely in the bottom quartile among European nations in terms of diplomatic importance. The Catholic Right can hardly contain its giggles over Doug Kmiec’s resignation. But really: will this produce big waves … Continue reading

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New York’s All Day Confession

The three downstate New York dioceses are promoting all-day confession today. They seem to have scaled back from the 24-hour effort last year. But I don’t think individual clergy were each committed to a full round-the-clock stint themselves. The youth … Continue reading

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