Catholics, Diplomats, and Anti-Celebrity

Malta, while a lovely sun-kissed island nation, is surely in the bottom quartile among European nations in terms of diplomatic importance. The Catholic Right can hardly contain its giggles over Doug Kmiec’s resignation. But really: will this produce big waves in foreign policy? Even save a baby or two? Deal Hudson won’t be getting a diplomatic appointment from the current president, I’m sure.

The blogosphere’s insularity is on display in this. How many non-internet Catholics do you think can name the ambassador to Malta? For that matter, how many bloggers who do know him can list for us Department of State personnel beyond HRC and their favorite pro-life traitor? China? UK? Iraq or Afghanistan? The UN? The undersec at State?

Perhaps more of a plague on Catholics than the cult of celebrity is the cult of anti-celebrity. Whom can we take down today, some seem to ask? Whom can we vex, get pink-slipped, and otherwise annoy?

I’d like to come down in favor of the notion that political appointments are bad news, bad policy, and bad form, however entrenched they may be on the American political landscape. Better for presidents to completely reject them and rely instead on promoting career people from within federal agencies. Like that’s going to happen.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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