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Clergy Bumble First Communion

Interesting story. Father Z even backs up the bone-headed notion that human knowledge is ordinarily required for a person to benefit from sacramental life. It’s even more interesting that the priest offered Anointing of the Sick instead of the Eucharist. … Continue reading

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Royal Wedding Ups Beatification

The WSJ thinks there’s something to the Brits’ royal wedding upstaging the JP2 beatification. I’m not so sure. The events are two days apart, aren’t they? True believers of the Catholic strain would flock to Rome in any event, wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Cardinal Rigali: Unpopular Across the Board

The NCReg calls out Cardinal Justin Rigali for suspending priests with credible abuse allegations. The “equal treatment” protest rings hollow to me. People who misbehave should be treated differently than the virtuous. Many of the men who were placed on … Continue reading

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Varietates Legitimae 2: “Substantial Unity”

Pope John Paul gets a reference in his approval of inculturation as a principle of liturgical reform: 2. In his apostolic letter Vicesimus Quintus Annus, the Holy Father Pope John Paul II described the attempt to make the liturgy take … Continue reading

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The Place of the Critic

Jack Smith at my former diocese’s print organ has developed a parallel blog of some interest. I think Jack is misinformed on some of his views–but certainly not all of them. The attempt to invigorate a pretty insipid medium like … Continue reading

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Value the Girl

An Indian feminist has much to say on the gender gapĀ  on her subcontinent. It’s faintly amusing to see the cause taken up by American conservatives. Do they realize how sex-selective abortions relate to a basic sexism in the world’s … Continue reading

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