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Hat Tip: Will and Kate

Imagine my surprise when the WordPress site stat page informed me that yesterday was the most popular day yet for Catholic Sensibility. Even beating my shoutout from Andrew Sullivan and my criticism of Miley Cyrus baring her back for Annie … Continue reading

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Four Reasons Why Altars “Turned Around” and Why They Should Stay That Way

In sorting through old files, I ran across an article I penned for a conservative publication that was ultimately rejected. These days the conservatives seem to have given up on me, so I’ll post it here with the interest of … Continue reading

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White Martyrdom

Australian blogger David Timbs comments on the application (or redefinition) of martyrdom to apply to our two most recent popes. Read over the essay, if you would, please, and offer comments there or here. I’m interested to know what others … Continue reading

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Cum Grano Salis

Harry has taken me to task for my representation of the story of a pastor denying a lad First Communion. I welcome such interaction. It’s good for all of us, and good for this blog. I put speculation into some … Continue reading

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