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Rolheiser on Nouwen

The popular author and speaker has a tribute to “our generation’s Kierkegaard.” Rolheiser writes: He helped us to pray while not knowing how to pray, to rest while feeling restless, to be at peace while tempted, to feel safe while … Continue reading

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Be Sealed With The Gift

Got home from Confirmation earlier this evening. My former (1995-99) pastor, now one of the archdiocese’s episcopal vicars, conferred the sacrament. I had not seen him in action like this before tonight. (He was scheduled for last year’s confirmation, but … Continue reading

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Lifting, Citing, Blogging

UCA News peeled off a bit from the Rome blogoconference: Speakers at the Vatican bloggers conference last week argued that it is OK to lift content. …One speaker told the meeting that copyrights are “an old model for new media”. … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Choir Summer Vacation

Pretty sure I’ve posted on this question before, but what are people doing if you give your choir time off in the summer? With Easter quite late this year, Pentecost moves to the Sunday before Father’s Day. The cultural summer … Continue reading

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Varietates Legitimae 13: Ascension and Pentecost Launch Evangelization

Jesus’ ascension into glory does not end God’s relationship of presence among believers: 13. At the moment of his going to his Father, the risen Christ assures his disciples of his presence and sends them to proclaim the Gospel to … Continue reading

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