Varietates Legitimae 14: Peter and Paul Open the Gates

Two New Testament examples for inculturation. First, Peter’s dream of the blanket of unclean animals descending from heaven, leading to the initiative that Gentiles did not have to convert to Judaism in order to embrace Christ. And Saint Paul, that pharisee, was largely responsible for spreading the Gospel to non-Jews:

14. Faith in Christ offers to all nations the possibility of being beneficiaries of the promise and of sharing in the heritage of the people of the covenant (cf. Eph. 3:6), without renouncing their culture. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, following the example of St. Peter (cf. Acts 10), St. Paul opened the doors of the church, not keeping the Gospel within the restrictions of the Mosaic law but keeping what he himself had received of the tradition which came from the Lord (cf. 1 Cor. 11:23). Thus, from the beginning, the church did not demand of converts who were uncircumcised “anything beyond what was necessary” according to the decision of the apostolic assembly of Jerusalem (cf. Acts 15:28).

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