Old Memorial Acclamations

MR1’s memorial acclamations will be retired from the liturgy over the next year, but a few notable settings may live on for use at other times of the Mass.

Michael Joncas has two memorable settings. His Song of Farewell I’ve used in a few parishes. It incorporates “Dying You Destroyed …” with texts from the OCF’s Song of Farewell.  He also set a Communion song with the refrain of “When We Eat …” and verses from eschatological texts of the Gospels and Revelation. I know John Foley has an OCP catalogue entry with what is now acclamation –perhaps the least used of the four. Yoking the text to the Philippians Kenosis Canticle: very nice combination.

I don’t see these pieces going away because of the texts, do you? Do you see a problem if we kept on singing them … at other moments in the liturgy?

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Todd and his family live in Ames, Iowa. He serves a Catholic parish of both Iowa State students and town residents.
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One Response to Old Memorial Acclamations

  1. M.J. Meloche says:

    I’m guessing several composers with beloved settings of the Mysterium will write verses and turn the acclamation into a refrain. And write new handbell parts, instrumentalist parts, SAB, SATB, octavos….

    If it will sell, they’ll write it.

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