Vitriol Down Under

Ninety miles east of Toowoomba, the archbishop of Brisbane, John Bathersby, is concerned about rising temperatures within the Church on dismissed Bishop Bill Morris.

What’s a mystery is why people are surprised.

The curia’s tilting of the hierarchy to a modernist centralizing of power in Rome has created a lot of martyrs who would be better off just serving the Gospel quietly. They’ve set up a network of tattletale codependents. You’d think that after a doctrinal victory you wouldn’t hear what Archbishop Bathersby heard:

A lady rang up and was really attacking me for saying he (Morris) was a good person.

Clearly, the notion of just discussing major ecclesiological issues has set people to faom at the mouth. Healthy, that.

More from the prelate:

What I feel sad about is there will be divisions, and it will last for some time.

You think?

Procedures and actions have been conducted quietly, like a sex abuse cover-up. That will have consequences. It has consequences for unity, certainly. The Church is cracked not only across the ideological divide, but also along lines of power. The Temple Police headhunting and taking down bishops. Believe it, if they find anything on Bathersby or Pell or anyone else, they’ll go after the target like a toaster goes for white bread.

Once you get the taste of power in a power-dysfunction system the only thing that will stop it is an intervention.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to Vitriol Down Under

  1. FrMichael says:

    The difference is, if a Cardinal Pell said something contrary to the Catholic Faith, he would either clarify what was sent or repent. Not the case in poor Twowoomba, where now priests are starting to rely on the “he’s too dumb to be a heretic” defense.

  2. Todd says:

    Leaving aside the false notion that discussion and clarification is contrary to the Faith, you assume Cardinal Pell is more virtuous than Bishop Morris.

    We’ve seen every indication among conservative prelates that they are disinclined to publicly repent of sin. Over the past few decades, the curia has openly demurred on the notion that mea culpas are a good idea.

  3. Jimmy Mac says:

    C’mon, Todd: the good Cardinal looks sooooo kewl in his pretty clothing. OF COURSE he must be more virtuous than Bp Morris who took great liking to wearing a (gasp!!!)necktie rather than full clerical drag.

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