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Irish Christian Brothers Plead to RIP

CNS headlined this brief piece on the Irish Christian Brothers. I have some history with the order, having attended a high school that was half-run (the boys’ side) by them. My subjective experience there was pretty straightforward. I thought two of my … Continue reading

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Dumb Elites

Paul Krugman’s commentary on Western elites pushing for war, tax breaks, and financial lawlessness got me thinking about a century ago*, especially on this point: So it was the bad judgment of the elite, not the greediness of the common … Continue reading

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Southern Sky

One last bit from the Southern Hemisphere: check out today’s Astronomy Picture of the Day, a panoramic image from the Very Large Telescope Array in Chile. All sorts of goodies are in view that you don’t see from north of … Continue reading

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“God Doesn’t Have Wrath Towards Gay People”

In browsing Australian sites this morning, I ran across this video feature of Fr James Alison speaking of the nature of homosexuality and Catholicism. It’s only 9.6 minutes, but as a thought-provoking bit for your Monday, very much worth it. … Continue reading

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“Beheading a Bishop”

For Australians, this story doesn’t seem to want to die. Click here for an ABC Radio podcast that includes a feature on fired Toowoomba bishop Bill Morris. The ABC site also has some background information on Vatican-Australian tensions. Ditto on … Continue reading

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Some cynicism from Fr William Grimm’s “Clueless or Complicit” essay on UCA: The quick beatification of Pope John Paul II is presented by the Vatican as a response to the voice of the Church at large. Since the Vatican is … Continue reading

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Varietates Legitimae 15-16: Jewish and Gentile Roots

Jewish worship and Gentile traditions underlie the early Christian Eucharist: 15. In gathering together to break the bread on the first day of the week, which became the day of the Lord (cf. Acts 20:7; Rv. 1: 10), the first … Continue reading

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