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Catholic Cannibalism

I never knew. Bishop Finn of Kansas City is, according to one Catholic commentator, pro-abortion. Bishop Finn’s newspaper editor is outraged. More from the ascendancy of the Right: conform or be labeled not of the Tribe.

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The RCIA page at the top of the header is finally done and completely linked. As I was trolling through my old posts, I found two that weren’t properly categorized. So I may have erred somewhere on one of the … Continue reading

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How To Make A Retreat III

One director counseled me to never enter into a retreat with an agenda. In the sense I’ve never prayed five to eight days straight on whether I should get married, enter the priesthood, take this job or that, I’ve kept … Continue reading

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Varietates Legitimae 20: A Necessary Discernment

Summing up Chapter I: 20. The challenge which faced the first Christians, whether they came from the chosen people or from a pagan background, was to reconcile the renunciations demanded by faith in Christ with fidelity to the culture and … Continue reading

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APMN Gets Born

PrayTell alerts us that not everything is fury and pink slips and votes of confidence Down Under. The Australians have gotten themselves a “Pastoral Musicians Network.” Most excellent.

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