Varietates Legitimae 23: The Word of God

The importance of the Word is summarized:

23. The church is nourished on the word of God written in the Old and New Testaments. When the church proclaims the word in the liturgy, it welcomes it as a way in which Christ is present: “It is he who speaks when the sacred Scriptures are read in church.” (SC 7) For this reason the word of God is so important in the celebration of the liturgy (SC 24) that the holy Scripture must not be replaced by any other text, no matter how venerable it may be. (GILM 12)  Likewise the Bible is the indispensable source of the liturgy’s language, of its signs and of its prayer, especially in the psalms. (CCC 2585-2589, which references earlier sources)

The GILM source is quoted in its entirety in the endnotes, in case anybody skips looking up references.

How does this apply to inculturation? Clearly, it’s important to keep the proclamation of the Word centered on biblical texts. Where would new texts fit that speak of God through the voice of culture? Probably the homily. Possibly in music. Likely the composed texts: prayers of the faithful.

Any thoughts on this? You’ve all been very quiet on this most important document.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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One Response to Varietates Legitimae 23: The Word of God

  1. Liam says:

    Fortunately, the number of places where I’ve encountered non-biblical readings being used instead of biblical readings has been few, but those few have been very disorienting. Skipping readings, too.

    However, poor proclamation is widespread; the advent of PA systems has not been an unmixed blessing.

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