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Confirm at 18? CDWDS Takes Note

An Italian diocese wants to raise the confirmation age from 12 to 18. That’s a pretty big leap–no hermeneutic of continuity for Bishop Karl Golser. That plan has attracted notice from the CDWDS. They want a delay. How did this … Continue reading

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CitE* Watch: Go West, Bishop!

Bishop R. Daniel Conlon continues in a long line of bishops practicing serial marriage a most modernist approach to the episcopacy. By the numbers: Steubenville, population 18,659 Joliet, population 147,433 Steubenville diocese 40,411 Catholics out of 513,734 people. Joliet diocese, … Continue reading

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MHR in SF on PS

Frequent commenter Jimmy Mac sent me a bunch of images of his parish’s Holy Week. This is from Palm Sunday: There are a lot of aspects I like about this: a generous use of wood, the seating pattern, excellent lighting, … Continue reading

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Two Things About Reform2

A lot of keyboards were clicking the past day or two about Cardinal Kurt Koch’s remarks on reform2. I’m less than moved about it all. First, consider the source: another non-liturgical cardinal, albeit in a non-liturgical office. Two, they still … Continue reading

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Varietates Legitimae 24: The Paschal Mystery

Rather than some comfortable concept like organic development, the real fruit of Vatican II is a recovered sense of the Paschal Mystery: 24. Since the church is the fruit of Christ’s sacrifice, the liturgy is always the celebration of the … Continue reading

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Science and Fiction

I’m reading a great book right now: astronomer Mike Brown’s neat memoir How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming. This is the guy who discovered something larger than Pluto, setting into motion the controversial 2006 reclassification of … Continue reading

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