MHR in SF on PS

Frequent commenter Jimmy Mac sent me a bunch of images of his parish’s Holy Week. This is from Palm Sunday:

There are a lot of aspects I like about this: a generous use of wood, the seating pattern, excellent lighting, an altar toward the center. Thanks, Jim, for sharing.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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5 Responses to MHR in SF on PS

  1. Jimmy Mac says:

    The church building was rehabbed 12 years ago. We were fortunate to have a lot of “keepable” features from the initial construction in 1907 and we had an excellent liturgical designer take advantage of them. The original floor refinished beautifully, and we love the “runway” to the altar. Where the altar originally was is now the Eucharistic chapel and overflow seating, which has to be used a lot! The German stained glass windows are particularly beautiful and enhanced above and below with contemporary stained glass work to pick up the colors from the original ones.

    Total cost: $5.3 million, of which $2.5 was a bequest and the rest raised and paid off by a parish of 400 people in 11 years.

    We are very proud of this church and invite anyone who is in/near San Francisco to the 10 AM main Sunday liturgy.

    • Eb Hurley says:

      Are there pictures of the 1907 Church?

      • Jimmy Mac says:

        There are limited views here:


        And one correction: the church was built in 1902, not 1907.

      • Jimmy Mac says:

        Sorry to be monopolizing this segment. The pictures of the renovation project do NOT represent the 1902 church. Rather, there was a re-do sometime before the most recent one. The original side entrance, which we restored, had been replaced by a front entrance. Also, we discovered 2 hidden stained glsss windows of Mary and Joseph on either side of the altar that was replaced. They had been covered over sometime between 1902 the the most recent renovation. I’m sure other changes were made as well, but I cannot find any photos of the 1902 sancturary as constructed when the church was built. We were fortunate to have blueprints of the original structure so we knew about the entrance changes.

  2. Jimmy Mac says:

    This is a better link that will give a broader view of what we have to offer:

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