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Six-Month “Reflection” for Brit Holy Days

Bishops of England and Wales are “reflecting” for six months to restore Epiphany and Ascension to their proper days, January 6th, and the 40th day of Easter respectively. Archbishop Vin Nichols, speaking for the bishops: We explored both sides of … Continue reading

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New House Chaplain Interviewed

Nancy Haught of the Religion News Service via HuffPo chatted with new House chaplain Patrick Conroy, SJ. Two things of note: How is a chaplain’s role different from that of a pastor? As chaplain, I won’t be responsible for the … Continue reading

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Mass Intention in Print: ObL

A Florida parish lists ObL as a Sunday noon Mass intention. Good idea or not? If your parish is like a lot of mine were, it’s next to impossible to drop a Sunday Mass intention in on a few weeks’ … Continue reading

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An Anglican Take on Bishop Morris

Australia’s Jesuit medium, Eureka Street, has a lead piece from Andrew McGowan, an Anglican theologian. I recommend the whole essay, but here’s the conclusion: The Anglican Communion has been shaken by events and issues, from lay presidency in Sydney to … Continue reading

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Archbishop Dolan on Causes and Context

The archbishop has released a statement on the report he and his brother bishops commissioned from the John Jay College. Illustrative was his poke at critics of bishops, plus this paragraph: The information provided in the Causes and Context study … Continue reading

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Orphans Far From Stars

When God spoke to Abram of many descendants, his reference was astronomical: Look up at the sky and count the stars, if you can. Just so, shall your descendants be. (Gen 15:5b) Count the planets, if you can: that would … Continue reading

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Varietates Legitimae 26: Sacramentals and Sacraments

Aside from the celebration of Mass, there are important traditions, seemingly not founded from Christ himself, or from Scripture, which state and reinforce unity, nd which are assumed to be grounded in the apostolic tradition: 26. The church of Christ … Continue reading

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