Varietates Legitimae 30: Calling Upon Competence

Our consideration of Preliminary Conditions for Inculturation of the Liturgy wraps up here:

30. To prepare an inculturation of the liturgy, episcopal conferences should call upon people who are competent both in the liturgical tradition of the Roman rite and in the appreciation of local cultural values. Preliminary studies of a historical, anthropological, exegetical and theological character are necessary. But these need to be examined in the light of the pastoral experience of the local clergy, especially those born in the country. (Cf. Ad Gentes 16, 17) The advice of “wise people” of the country, whose human wisdom is enriched by the light of the Gospel, would also be valuable. Liturgical inculturation should try to satisfy the needs of traditional culture (Cf. Ad Gentes 19) and at the same time take account of the needs of those affected by an urban and industrial culture.

In 1994, there was still a value placed upon competence. More so, this section seems to presume a collaboration between bishops, liturgists, cultural experts, native clergy, and “local wisdom.” I’m not sure why non-mission nations would not benefit from this type of wide counsel. Do you? Any readers from Asia or Africa with any experience of this sort of collaboration. I know occasional commenter Fr Brendan from Japan has lamented the intrusion of the curia (not mentioned here) into matters of liturgy.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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