Another Experience of Loss

Something different than last week’s experience: I’ve begun my summer project of losing fifty pounds. By the time the students return for Fall semester, my plan is to be back at my college weight.

I’ve shared with a number of people my diet plans and the various reactions are often entertaining, if not thoughtful.

My wife was concerned about the lack of root vegetables and fruits, at least in the early stages. That can’t be right, she said. I assured her it was. I’m supposed to be burning extra body fat and the aim is to get rid of it as fast as is healthily possible.

One parishioner gave me the look over and questioned if fifty was too much to lose. I assured her it was not.

Today a student saw me drinking from my shaker cup and asked if I was on medication. When I told her it was a prepared soy beverage, she said, “Awkwarrrrd!” I assured her it was fine. A strawberry shake does look like pepto bismol.

I texted my daughter a photo of strawberry cake at the funeral dinner Saturday night and I said in honor of her birthday (and her favorite flavor of cake) I was eating this last sweet before my diet began. “Awww,” she texted back.

One of my brother’s friends started going on about weight swings on diets. Haven’t you found, he asked me, that you put the weight right back on when you end the diet? I haven’t found that at all, I said. This is my first diet.

I decided during Lent it was time to get serious about weight loss. I had big plans of restructuring my life in Ames three years ago to more healthy options, especially walking to work (1.5 miles) every day. Within three months, my achilles tendons were swollen and sore. I’ve been feeling an occasional creak in the knee. I’ve been feeling very tired at some times during the afternoon. I figure before things get worse, I should make a serious effort to get to a healthy weight.

I spent nearly two months researching various plans after getting an e-mail from a parishioner who does diet coaching on the side.

I will spare you readers any before and after images. I’m telling a number of people at the parish so they can encourage me. Feel free to do the same. I warned my wife that I’m totally committed to this. No cheating. Not even a piece of gum.


About catholicsensibility

Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to Another Experience of Loss

  1. I am really struggling with weight issues and I was moved to read your post. I will pray for you and I hope you will do the same for me. Last year I was so sick and lost a lot of weight… how did I gain only part of it back and yet have my old clothes be so tight? Gravity works its ugly magic and it is time for me to get serious too. Thank you for your candor.

  2. Lee says:

    Good luck. My goal is 30 pounds by the end of August.

  3. crystal says:

    It sounds like your diet will = ketosis? Hope this works out well.

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