“Comparable to … 9-11”

The Catholic Key steps into the fray of the Kansas City scandal. Editor Jack Smith penned an article summarizing the case. He’s a careful media professional, and adds some small details missing in other stories. He provides a lively quote from the bishop:

I believe that the study and the adjustments that we are going to have to make as a diocese may be comparable to the changes our country had to make after 9-11. Our desire, our determination, our attitude, all these things have to change.

Well, not every change in the US in the past ten years was a good one. There are still questions about the federal government’s ability and willingness to protect and rescue. Still, 9-11 was a sea change. And if KC-SJ can take the lead, more power to them. I’ve heard Bishop Finn is making the parish rounds–he’s at my old parish later this week to meet with concerned parishioners. Two parishes down, one to go. That’s a better track record than his mentor.

The Catholic Key’s blog has its first post in two weeks, debunking the myth that whistleblower Julie Hess is on the outs.

I also saw the online petition to save Ms Hess’ job. I interpreted it as a poke at the diocese. I can’t imagine the diocese would willingly walk into a firestorm after getting burned twice on Fr Ratigan.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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One Response to “Comparable to … 9-11”

  1. Harry says:

    Ironically, the ONLY people calling for Hess to be fired are those within the SNAP “Hang ’em high” crowd who say that as a mandated reporter, she failed in a legal duty to report Ratigan’s behavior to the cops instead of to the Vicar General.

    This is absurd on the face of it to anyone who bothered to read Hess’ memo, which alleges lots of creepy “grooming victims” behaviors that should have thrown up red flags, but nothing illegal, or even close to it.

    Meanwhile the diocesan review board has suddenly found decades-old allegations against Mike Tierney to be “credible” just a few months after finding them “not credible” and he has now been removed from public ministry.

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