Varietates Legitimae 33: Principles and Practical Norms for Inculturation of the Roman Rite

VL chapter III, numbered sections 33 through 51, begins a serious look at the “Principles and Practical Norms for Inculturation of the Roman Rite.” Over the next several posts, we will examine the state of affairs of inculturation, and study the norms given by the CDWDS.

33. As particular churches, especially the young churches, deepen their understanding of the liturgical heritage they have received from the Roman church that gave them birth, they will be able in turn to find in their own cultural heritage appropriate forms that can be integrated into the Roman rite where this is judged useful and necessary.

The liturgical formation of the faithful and the clergy, which is called for by the constitution Sacrosanctum Concilium, (SC 14-19) ought to help them to understand the meaning of the texts and the rites given in the present liturgical books. Often this will mean that elements which come from the tradition of the Roman rite do not have to be changed or suppressed.


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