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“The Important Part”

A friend attended the out-of-town wedding of two of our graduates yesterday. In the receiving line at church, mentioned she needed to get to another celebration back at our parish. The couple responded that she came for the important part. … Continue reading

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Varietates Legitimae 39: Adapting Language

39. Language, which is a means of communication between people. In liturgical celebrations its purpose is to announce to the faithful the good news of salvation (Cf. Canons 762-772, especially 769) and to express the church’s prayer to the Lord. … Continue reading

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Why Bishop Finn is in Trouble

In a comment below, Harry takes me to task for my doubts that every serious revelation of abuse in the Kansas City-St Joseph diocese has been revealed. At best, the institutional church has a spotty track record where treating with … Continue reading

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Supernova Triple Play

Don’t look now, but the Whirlpool Galaxy near the Big Dipper has just experienced its third sighted supernova in seventeen years. Today’s Astronomy Picture of the Day shows us before and after. Three supernovas in 17 years is a lot … Continue reading

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Resignation Calls in KC

I heard my previous parish’s meeting with Bishop Finn last night was an angry one in part. Speaker #1 asked him to resign, and that got a standing ovation. I googled “Finn St Thomas More” and got a handful of … Continue reading

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