Cooking with Soy–Yuck!

You know, if my diet program only provided drinks and soup, I’d be happy enough. Five flavors of shakes–a nice surprise. The cocoa has been decent, because I don’t bother heating it anymore. It functions perfectly well as an iced beverage as long as I shake it thoroughly in the mixing cup. I’ve never been a coffee drinker, but I have to concede the cappuccino is probably the best mix in the box.

The only serious flaw in my food shipment so far has been how atrociously the breakfast packets behave on the stove top. For this morning’s pancake, I used a teaspoon of olive oil to lubricate the pan. Result? Disaster!

The pancake mix behaved the same way as Saturday’s egg mix. It absorbed the oil and stuck to my non-stick pan. Good thing I didn’t use a real griddle. For all the hassle of soy-based solid foods, I think I’d rather mix the pancake powder in water and just drink it uncooked. I know there’s no raw egg problem with the batter. Too bad, really, because the pancake that didn’t cement to my hydrocarbon-coated pan was tasty without syrup–as the providers promise.

My biggest diet hurdle so far isn’t getting tempted cooking for my family or attending parties. I really miss preparing good food for myself. I’ll just turn that into a motivation for chugging along toward my goal.

If I want heated foods, it seems I will have to rely on the microwave. For heating water, that appliance. I’m not a microwave chef, however. I like watching my food cook without the hum. Or watching it pirouette through a shaded door. I like interacting with my food. I like playing with my food. I won’t be including pancakes or eggs in next month’s shipment. Breakfast oatmeal is decent enough–plus easy to fix.

I’m not one of those microwave conspiracy guys, mind you. I do, however, have a taste for the subtleties of food. (I haven’t gotten thirty pounds above optimal by just watching the Food Channel, you know.) There’s no doubt in my mind I can distinguish many microwave-heated foods. Almost always, the quality of taste (in my mouth) ranges from just a bit off to just plain gross.

That said, the microwave soy brownie was a nice surprise. They provide a little baking dish for each serving, so I don’t have to trash my own cookware. I just toss theirs.

On the mass front, so far so good: twelve pounds lost. Much of that is probably shedding water the first few days. I did monitor my weight every day the whole week before–I wanted to see how the funeral days affected my day-to-day poundage. I feel I’ve picked up some energy the past few days–which is good.

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Cooking with Soy–Yuck!

  1. jen says:

    You are using my soy powder image without a permission or link.
    You can use it if you link to my website,
    it is my hard work, could you please respect it for my work?
    if you add it already, can’t find it, just tell me, where?
    thank you,

  2. Todd says:

    I apologize, jen.

    I found the link on what I thought was a commercial site. I did not download it then post it fresh. If I link the image directly on WordPress, as I did, and as is my usual practice, one can click the image, and get the information from the site. I will add the web site to the post proper.

    When I find an image with detailed credit, I do try to contact the creator. I didn’t find a creator listed with the image, nor did I see any restrictions on use. I am sorry for the transgression.

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