Two Psalm Settings

Here are two psalm settings that may be of listening interest. My sister requested a recording of the psalm I composed for my brother’s funeral. Her first request was that I get someone to video me playing and singing. That wasn’t going to happen. But I’m happy to provide an audio experience for outside the memorial service back east. The piano/vocal score is here.

Here is Psalm 36, “To The Clouds.”

I have a wedding at which to play next month. The bride requested a setting of the psalm she and her fiance chose.

Here is Psalm 33, “The Goodness of the Lord.”

A few notes on this last one … I wrote the original in 1985 for the wedding of friends. I was away that summer studying liturgy and music, so while I was unable to celebrate in person that July, I enjoyed the assistance of friends in making a fine recording–alas, on cassette tape. You are not hearing that on the link. The old text had the Y-name, and I found the new Grail text was a neat fit. I had to change very little of the music to make it fit.

Going into recording Thursday night, I realized as I sat down at the piano I had never played this piece on the keyboard before. Two rehearsals and two takes later, I think I got on top of the music. There are a lot of things I would do differently in composing this text today. But sometimes I just need to go with it and not overthink the music too much.

Recording credits: Jolie on flute, Katherine on voice. Always great to work with such fine musicians. I realize with gratitude the very golden place God has put me to be in my parish, and in the Church.

About catholicsensibility

Todd and his family live in Ames, Iowa. He serves a Catholic parish of both Iowa State students and town residents.
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