Pakistani Parish Assistance

“The church building was already more than half a meter below road level and half of it remained submerged for months,” said Father Bashir Francis, pastor of Holy Rosary Parish in Faisalabad. He was speaking of the damage rendered by last year’s catastrophic floods in Pakistan. (image credit left: UCA News)

He and his 6,000 parishioners have received welcome advocacy from Muhammad Ijaz Virk, a national assembly member. In the Muslim world, we are more accustomed to stories denying Christians places of worship or outright persecution.

Father Francis:

This is the first time a Muslim has financed such a project in the diocese. We invited him to help restore the dilapidated structure but got more than we expected.

They got a project that will restore the church floor, altar, and parish house.

Mr Virk:

The government is very cautious about the construction of places of worship but I convinced them. I am inspired by my father who preferred to hire Christians to work in his food company because of their honesty.

They’ll know we are Christians?

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