Varietates Legitimae 55: Other Sacraments and Sacramentals

The celebration of Mass is not the only arena for the concerns of inculturation. This brief section references all the other liturgical rites–rites we’ve already examined on this site. Note the leeway given the national bishops’ conference: when the rite gives options, the conference may add other options that adhere to the same structure and format:

55. For the other sacraments and for sacramentals, the Latin typical edition of each ritual indicates the adaptations which pertain to the episcopal conferences* or to individual bishops in particular circumstances.** These adaptations concern texts, gestures and sometimes the ordering of the rite. When the typical edition gives alternative formulas, conferences of bishops can add other formulas of the same kind.

* Cf. Ordo Initiationis Christianae Adultorum, Praenotanda Generalia, 30-33; Praenotanda, 12, 20,47, 64-65; Ordo, 312; Appendix, 12; Ordo Baptismi Parvulorum, Praenotanda, 8, 2325; Ordo Confirmationis, Praenotanda, 11-12, 16-17; De Sacra Communione et de Cultu Mysterii Eucharistici Extra Missam, Praenotanda, 12; Ordo Paenitentiae, Praenotanda, 35b, 38; Ordo Unctionis Infirmorum Eorumque Pastoralis Curae, Praenotanda, 38-39; Ordo Celebrandi Matrimonium, editio typica altera, Praenotanda, 39-44; De Ordinatione Episcopi Presbyterorum et Diaconorum, editio typica altera, Praenotanda, 11; De Benedictionibus, Praenotanda Generalia, 39.
** Cf. Ordo Initiationis Christianae Adultorum, Praenotanda, 66; Ordo Baptismi Parvulorum, Praenotanda, 26; Ordo Paenitentiae, Praenotanda, 39; Ordo Celebrandi Matrimonium, editio typica altera, Praenotanda, 36.

Comments about any particular sacraments?

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