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Part of the Solution

Seminarians on board. How about the bishops? I noticed that Cardinal Rigali was off to central Europe instead of the Pacific Northwest last week. No bishops’ meetings for the embattled archbishop. I didn’t know that John Neumann was from Europe, … Continue reading

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How Illegal?

Okay. Show of hands. Everybody reading is fairly sure that it’s bad for a priest to have sex with a person with whom he’s in a ministerial relationship, right? So, up (or not) with your hands. Hands down. Tougher question: … Continue reading

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Server Seminar

UCA News provides this feature on a two-day altar server seminar in Cambodia. Though brief, it’s an interesting snapshot in liturgical ministry. The people were of ages 13 to 23–not a well-populated age bracket for American servers, generally. Two days … Continue reading

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Varietates Legitimae 56: Christian Initiation

On the inculturation of Christian Initiation: 56. For the rites of Christian initiation, episcopal conferences are “to examine with care and prudence what can properly be admitted from the traditions and character of each people” (GICI 30.2) and “in mission … Continue reading

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The Shorter, The Better

Australian blogger David Schütz reports on a moment of MR3 pragmatism: I attended mass in a parish outside my diocese this past weekend, the first weekend of the introduction of people’s parts of the new liturgy. Here is how the … Continue reading

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