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Summer Magic Realism

I’ve been delving back into fiction this summer. I’ve been mostly disappointed by fantasy and sf as of late. I was looking up promising books that veer close–magic realism. Alice Hoffman’s The Story Sisters was recommended. Not a book that … Continue reading

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Washing Wedding Feet

One of my friend-bloggers has upcoming nuptials, and writes of rings. What are y’all hearing about unity sand? I have to confess it seems a little curious. When I first heard about it, I visualized the couple creating a mandala. … Continue reading

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Next Monday’s Australian Solemnity

Liturgy texts for the Australian solemnity of Mary McKillop are available. I know I don’t have many readers from Oz, but a few notable things: Entrance and Communion antiphons, but nothing for “Offertory”/Preparation of Gifts. Rome affirmed a request by … Continue reading

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The New Sunday

The comic page has discovered the Catholic exodus to Saturday afternoon. I’m of mixed feelings on this move. I went to Saturday Mass in college, but that was more because my close friend played in the ensemble. I like the … Continue reading

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Free To Say No

I worked for a parish many, many years ago. It had a solid, well-deserved, and virtuous reputation as a progressive faith community. But my predecessor had a problem. She was a very attractive and persuasive person, and drew a good … Continue reading

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Liturgiam Authenticam 15

What are the responsibilities of the bishops’ conference? 15. It will be the responsibility of the Conference of Bishops to determine which of the prevailing languages are to be introduced into full or partial liturgical use in its territory. Their … Continue reading

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We Need Martha

A colleague offered a prayer themed on Saint Martha yesterday at our staff in-service. She shared a remarkable image (not the one below) of the industrious saint of Bethany: an olive-skinned woman with piercing dark eyes, fists on hips, in … Continue reading

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Liturgiam Authenticam 14

Numbers count, as does linguistic unity: 14. Since the introduction of languages into liturgical use by the Church may actually affect the development of the language itself and may even be determinative in its regard, care is to be taken … Continue reading

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Tale of Two Weddings

Admittedly, I debate posting about things close to home, but there may be a lesson or two in this parable. Very recently, I was confronted by two very different approaches to weddings at the parish. In wedding number one, I … Continue reading

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Liturgiam Authenticam 13

Lacking an official translation, a language may still be used for singing, intercessions, and in the homily. As may Latin: 13. Moreover, the fact that a language is not introduced into full liturgical use does not mean that it is … Continue reading

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These puppies have saved my diet. I don’t know why my diet plan forbids fruit, yet allows me tomato–which is technically a fruit. I’m not arguing, especially because I get to eat my favorite vegetable that’s really a fruit. I … Continue reading

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Our Vox Clara Bishops Hard At Work

CNS has a nice bit out on the Vox Clara gathering in Rome earlier this week. (Now you know where your copyright cash is going, JT.) Seems like consultation could be more economically achieved by videoconferencing, but maybe the Roman … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist Announces Moveable Feasts

Anybody seen and planning on using the Announcement of Easter and the Moveable Feasts? If you were the liturgist, would you implement it? Or is it too high-churchy for your faith community? How frequently do you suppose monasteries and other … Continue reading

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Instruments Nurture the Praise of God

A sacred music composer of some fame once wrote: [Holy prophets such as David and Solomon] not only composed psalms and canticles to be sung … but invented musical instruments of diverse kinds within this view, by which the songs … Continue reading

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Liturgiam Authenticam 12

A discussion about dialects: 12. Within the liturgical sphere, moreover, a distinction necessarily arises between languages and dialects. In particular, dialects that do not support common academic and cultural formation cannot be taken into full liturgical use, since they lack … Continue reading

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